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At Redbird Carriers…..we like to say, One Team…..One Mission.  We don’t care if you’re an agent or a company shop….Redbird treats everyone as family.  All we ask is that you operate in a safe, professional and honest manner.  If you’re interested in joining forces as an agent or company shop…..please send me your info to start the conversation to see if we’re a good match.  Below are some high level points to know about our company and agency program.  Further details will be provided as needed.    



  • Redbird has been in business for over 40 years and is currently operating 18 terminals in 13 markets.


  • Ownership and Executive Leadership have over 100 years of intermodal drayage experience.  All of which will help support your business.  Not just from an industry knowledge perspective….but also by assisting you to nurture current customer relationships to grow your business.  


  • Standard agent splits apply.  


  • Agent determines contractor pay terms.


  • Operating system, training and support supplied by Redbird.


  • Operating system is web based, so you can work from anywhere you have access to the internet.    


  • Operating system includes EDI capabilities with all major customers.  System also includes a driver app with above industry standard event and paperwork capabilities.  


  • Elog equipment, tablet and training supplied by Redbird.


  • Redbird Safety Team handles driver applications/approvals, safety training/monitoring and elog training/monitoring. 


  • Industry standard truck insurance provided/managed by Redbird.


  • Customer credit approvals, billing and collections handled by Redbird.  


  • Weekly settlements with direct deposit for agent and contractors. 

  • At the pump fuel discounts are available with Redbirds national purchasing power. 

  • A visit to our corporate office in St. Louis to meet the team/review processes before startup is strongly recommended. 


  • On-site onboarding at your terminal to train ops/contractors supplied if size of operation requires such. 



Contact Us Today!


David Beasley

Vice President - Development

REDBIRD CARRIERS | P.O. BOX 78401, St. Louis, MO 63178

Office: 314-621-7780 ext 128  | Cell: 630-281-0830 |

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